New Build Cleaning Services

So the builders have done a great job, but who is going to clean the inside of the house after them? If you're looking for an easy solution to transforming what at present looks like a construction site into a perfectly finished building, then we've got you covered! We specialize in residential internal after builders cleaning.

STS Cleaning Services knows the importance of a successful new build clean, and how essential the finishing touches are. This is why we're geared towards offering you a top quality service at a reasonable price. Our internal new build cleaning service includes:

Professional clean of all the windows, sills, tracts and ledges

Careful cleaning of the walls and ceilings

Meticulous cleaning of all the floors

Dusting and polishing all surfaces, including the inside of all cupboards and drawers

Cleaning and polishing kitchen appliances

Thorough clean of kitchen and bathroom tiles

Thorough cleaning of toilets, bathtubs, sinks, showers, floors, and stairs.

We ensure that every trace of dirt, grime, dust, and rubbish inside the house is removed.

We are fully insured and staff are Police Checked.

Our competitive cleaning rates are UNBEATABLE!!

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